I am a software developer based in Kent in the UK. These days I mostly work on native mobile apps for Android and iOS, with a bit of Django/Python on the side. I'm also interested in evolutionary computation, AI and functional programming.

Rectangular Software

In 2010 I founded Rectangular Software Ltd. Rectangular Software develops native mobile applications for Android and iOS and also delivers other custom software development projects. Contact Rectangular Software if you have a need for this sort of thing.

Donations With A Difference

Donations With A Difference (DWAD) is a registered charity that runs events and competitions to fund charitable grants that improve people's lives. I am a trustee of the charity and responsible for its online presence, including the software that runs the Super10 online football game.

Open Source Software

Here are some of the more interesting/useful Open Source projects I've developed. You can find others at GitHub.

Watchmaker Framework

A Java framework for implementing evolutionary/genetic algorithms.

Uncommons Maths

Java random number generators, probability distributions, combinatorics and statistics.


Intelligent RSS news aggregator that groups articles from multiple sources.


A Haskell application for generating HTML football league tables and statistics.

Family History
England Ireland

In recent years I've done a bit of investigation into my ancestry. This list of relevant surnames and associated places may be of interest to others researching the same people. Contact me if you want to share information.

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