I am a software developer based in Kent in the UK. These days I mostly work on native mobile apps for Android and iOS, with a bit of Django/Python on the side. I'm also interested in evolutionary computation, AI and functional programming.

Rectangular Software

In 2010 I founded Rectangular Software Ltd. Rectangular Software develops native mobile applications for Android and iOS and also delivers other custom software development projects. Contact Rectangular Software if you have a need for this sort of thing.

Donations With A Difference

Donations With A Difference (DWAD) is a registered charity that runs events and competitions to fund charitable grants that improve people's lives. I am a trustee of the charity and responsible for online operations, including writing the software to support DWAD's Super10 online football game.

Open Source Software

Here are some of the more interesting/useful Open Source projects I've developed. You can find others at GitHub.

Watchmaker Framework

A Java framework for implementing evolutionary/genetic algorithms.

Uncommons Maths

Java random number generators, probability distributions, combinatorics and statistics.


Intelligent RSS news aggregator that groups articles from multiple sources.


A Haskell application for generating HTML football league tables and statistics.


HTML reporting plug-in for the TestNG Java testing framework.

SHA-256 Password Generator

A solution of sorts to the dangers of password reuse.

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